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Lincolnshire Yoga was started by Bruce Symonds in 1994. He is a Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor and a graduate of the 14 month Hatha Yoga Teachers' Training Program of the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago. He has studied and continues to study with some of the best yoga teachers in the country and in the world. Bruce is also a graduate of the 24 month Kriya Yoga Seminary, is a Certified Meditation Instructor, and continues his studies in advanced yogic techniques.

Our Philosophy

In this class, each person progresses at her/his own pace. Beginners and experienced students alike, share in the non-competitive atmosphere of hatha yoga expression, making each pose as gentle or as rigorous as one needs. Beginners will learn the authentic and proper cultural poses, breathing techniques, and introductory meditative practices. Continuing students will have the opportunity to deepen and refine their practice.

Our Focus

Through systematic movement, stillness, and breathing we gain flexibility, strength and balance. Toxins are removed and previously tight and closed parts of the body are permitted to open. In addition to practicing the cultural poses (asanas), a great deal of emphasis is placed on breath awareness and relaxation techniques. We also learn the ancient breathing techniques (pranayamas) and a variety of meditation techniques. I try to remain true to the authentic ancient teachings of Yoga, as taught to me by my teachers, and the teachers of my teachers. I have great respect for the eastern teachings (you're bound to learn some Sanskrit and eastern philosophy and mythology in my class). At the same time I recognize the difference between eastern and western cultures and try to honor our unique American experience for what it is.

About Our Style

With each new breath, we are born again.