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Certified Yoga Instructors

Laura Russo

Laura took her first yoga class in 1998.  Some wonderful side effects were improved flexibility, over-all strength and greater balance.  She quickly realized that yoga just made her feel better. Calmer, more centered.

In 2008, when the youngest of her three beautiful daughters entered preschool, Laura enrolled in teacher training at the Temple of Kriya Yoga.  She enjoyed every minute of the 200+ hour program.  It challenged her physically, but more importantly, it opened up her heart to look at the world through quieter eyes.

Laura hopes to foster a mind body connection for her students through energetic movements with the breath, as well as a slower, more meditative asana practice.


Brigitte Bernold

Brigitte was introduced to Hatha yoga in 1992 and fell in love with what it brought to her life. She studied with different teachers in the Chicago area until, in 2010, she completed her 200 hour teacher certification through The Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago. She continues to pursue a deeper knowledge of all yoga disciplines and currently gets inspirations from teachers including Mary Samano and Kim Schwartz. With her background as a certified and licensed massage therapist, Reiki Master and passion for integrating body, mind and spirit, Brigitte continues to be enthralled with the astounding benefits of yoga. She creates a peaceful and inviting space for students of all walks of life. 


Rachel Levin

Rachel is interested in various styles of yoga and continuing to learn with an open mind. She is also a professional trombonist, and music plays a huge part in her life.  For her, yoga parallels life and music.  Rachel Levin received her 200-hour certificate at the Chicago Yoga Center studying with Suddha Weixler.  She has also done teacher training with Richard Freeman.  Additionally, Rachel has been to workshops with Paulie Zink, Paul Grilley, and Sarah Powers.  She continues to learn and grow under the guidance of Bruce Symonds and Suddha Weixler.


Bruce Symonds

Bruce Symonds graduated in 1994 from the 14 month Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program with 500+ hours of certified training under the guidance of Kim Schwartz, William Hunt,  and the Kriya Yoga Teacher Training Staff.  He began teaching that year and named his practice "Lincolnshire Yoga".  In addition to being a Certified Yoga Instructor, he holds two certificates as a Meditation Instructor. Currently, he teaches meditation and five weekly yoga classes in his community and continues his studies with advanced yoga teachers from around the country. Bruce has served on the Board of Advisors of the Kriya Yoga Hatha Yoga Teachers Training Home Study Program, and is currently on the Spiritual Guidance Staff.   With over 20 years of yoga experience he humbly and gratefully acknowledges all of his teachers and all of their teachers.


 Michelle Fiore

 While it took several decades to actually discover, Michelle feels that she was born to be a yogini. Michelle believes that her students should have an opportunity to evolve on their own path, and intends to be a “guide” rather than a “teacher” of yoga. She is a graduate of the 5 month teacher training program at North Shore Yoga in Northfield, Illinois. Michelle pulls a lot of the poses she uses in her classes from the Ashtanga Primary Series, which was a focus of her North Shore Yoga training.  Michelle also is certified in Tantric Yoga, having graduated from Level 2 Certification at the TantraNova Institute in Chicago. While there is plenty of posture practice (asana) in Michelle’s classes, she also likes to introduce other elements of both Hatha & Tanric yoga, such as meditation, mantra, pranayama and other energy exploration exercises.  So if you love asana but are also open to learning about other yogic practices, Michelle’s classes may provide just what you are looking for. 


Olga Rudiak

Olga was born in the Ukraine and came to the US in 1981.  She worked as a consultant to help businesses maximize the effects of human talents and technologies for increased organizational effectiveness (a mouthful, huh?).
She has  immersed herself into yoga since 2007 and became obsessed with its beauty and benefits for human body, mind, spirit, and emotions.  Driven by the desire to share her yogic experiences and benefits with others, she completed her teacher training program and started teaching in June of 2010.







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